Upside Down & Backwards

Hey everyone!! Okay, I just wanted to share this mind-blowing thought process that I’ve been noticing/thinking about alot lately. (Well, it has at least been making my mind blow with thoughts/applications/etc. 😉 xD) It’s just so incredibly, wonderfully amazing how much God has for us in His Word! And when He continues to reveal moreContinue reading “Upside Down & Backwards”

My Bible Bee Testimony (Part 2: 2020)

This year, I could hardly wait for BB to start! When the theme was announced, I was ecstatic. They picked the theme of TRUST! Over the offseason, trust was something that I had been struggling with, and that God had been teaching me in. I couldn’t wait to dive deep into the study, and learnContinue reading “My Bible Bee Testimony (Part 2: 2020)”

My Bible Bee Testimony (Part 1: 2019)

 Well, here I am…I’m finally getting around to writing my BB testimony. This has honestly been very long in coming…ever since 2019 Nats. xD This is the story of how God used Bible Bee in my life to teach me so many different things. This is about some of the things that God has taughtContinue reading “My Bible Bee Testimony (Part 1: 2019)”

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