Just Trust

I know, I know…I’m already in the middle of a post. But I have something that I really feel like I need to write about, so we’ll put that on hold for just a little while longer… 😀

 As I’m sure all of you know, there is just so much going on in the world right now. It can honestly just be so overwhelming, and it can be so easy to lose focus. To be honest, I’ve really been struggling alot lately with alot of different things. Whether it be depression, or thoughts just overrunning my mind, it seems like there is always something distracting me. As a result, everything really can just be so overwhelming, so hard to concentrate, so hard to just trust. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not scared, but it can be so easy to just get depressed. To get overwhelmed with all of the craziness that is going on in the world.

 So, I have really just been struggling with this. At the root, I suppose what I have really been struggling with is trust. Just letting go, and completely surrendering it all to God. All my hopes, all my fears, all my dreams. All my worries, all my cares, my life and my future. In my head, I know that God will do a much better job taking care of it all than I will, but still my hands grasp tightly, and refuse to let go.

 Why can’t I just let go? Why don’t I just trust God? These questions have been on my mind for weeks, and I just couldn’t seem to find any answers. What is trust anyways? 

 So tonight, I’m just sitting in my room on my desk chair, staring at my wall, lost in thought yet again. 

 (One thing that you should probably know about me, is that I love handlettering, and I love to have Bible verses all over my bedroom. So recently, I have started handlettering Bible verses on my white walls with a Sharpie. 😀 Strange habits, I know. xD)

 So yeah, I had just recently written Isaiah 26:3 on one of the empty spaces, and it just happened to be right across from where I was sitting, so I was staring right at it. So of course, I started reading it, and thinking about it.

 “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee.”

 The second part of the verses caught my eye, so I read it again.

 “Whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee.”

 Then it hit me.

 If my mind is stayed on God, I will be trusting Him. And if I trust Him, I will be in Perfect Peace.

 I had read this verse tens of times. Maybe even a hundred. How had I never noticed this before??

 I can trust God by keeping my mind stayed on Him. And that actually makes so much sense! If my mind is totally fixed on God, I won’t get distracted by the things of the world. Then, in turn, the craziness of this world won’t have to depress me. Because I won’t be focused on the cares of this world, I will be at perfect peace, resting in Him alone!

 I know this is probably one of those moments where you are asking, How could you never have noticed that before?? I know…. It really seems so logical, and it just makes so much sense! It’s one those “it’s-so simple-how-could-I-ever-have-missed-it moments. But I guess God knows best, and chooses to save some things for when He knows that we will specifically need it the most. But wow, He is so good, and His promises are just incredible! What an amazing God we serve! He is so worthy of every ounce of our trust!

 So what do you say? Maybe trust comes easily for you. Maybe it doesn’t. But no matter what, we need to surrender it all totally to Him. He knows your hopes, He knows your dreams, and He cares about every single one of them. But He also knows what will be best for us in the long run, and He always has our best interest in mind! He loves you with an incomprehensible love, and always will, no matter what.

 What better hands to leave our lives in, then the ones that created them?

 So let us let go, dear Believer. Let us let go, and let Him.

💖Always in Christ,



5 thoughts on “Just Trust

  1. Thank you for the encouragement, Sierra! Trusting in God is something I definitely do struggle with. I am one who can get impatient easily and am a perfectionist. Sometimes, I just want to do things my way, even though I know that God’s way is always perfect. I am a sinner, so I cannot do anything within my own power. Therefore, I must follow what God has in store because He knows what is best. It is hard because of human nature, but that is why we must pray and ask God for strength. Ask Him to help us trust Him with everything; although, we may not want to surrender to Him. We must keep our faith & trust in God; He is here for us! ❤

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  2. Thank you for this encouragement! Such a beautiful reminder, when we put our trust in God everything else fades away! I struggle with this a lot too, whether it’s depression, wandering thoughts, or being up at night with an active mind and all I have to do, it is easy to get overwhelmed by it all! But I am learning to put my trust in God! ❤ Thank you for this beautiful post of encouragement! Also the writing verses on the wall is a good idea! Your hand lettering is beautiful! ❤

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  3. My dearest niece 💕This was beautifully said. This is how I’ve been feeling lately but couldn’t put it into words. You did that for me so I thank you very much for that. You have such an incredible talent and I love that you’re using it for God. Love you lots!! Your favorite Aunt 😉🥰

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